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A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step.Possessing integrated industry chain, such as technique research, construction contracting, real estate development and property management, Tianjin Tianyi Construction group Co., Ltd. is a large modern enterprise which is experienced in construction contracting, real estate development and investment and financing. TianyiConstruction stresses science and technology innovation and talent team building, and possesses a high-standard, efficient and far-sight management team, thus ensuring its stable development in construction, real estate and investment and financing.

With the continuous adjustment of national policy, Tianjin hasestablished as the economic center of the North.After 21 years of growth and development, in the process of building an international port city ,economic center of the North and ECO-city, Tianyi Construction created glory,which is full of life and excitement. Over the past years, Tianyi Construction has been sticking to the enterprise spirit of “Strict and cautious for excellence, Honest for development, Keeping pace with the times ,Striving for first class”and is aimed at “ Basing on Tianjin, developing nationwide, exploring market overseas”. It has set up branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xi’an, Hohhot, Chengdu, Chongqing,Beijing . It has undertaken the project of Thailand Parliament House in 2013.

Standing in front of the industry,itpursuits forexcellence, demeanor, new and unique ways.The Originalityof “Six Standardization”management modelhas reached a consensus, which widely used for setting famous brand, improving quality and innovating creation.The innovativeideas and style of the best livable cityhave reflected in the construction projects which relates to the quality of life for the people.Tianyi Construction aims for the civilized worksite, constructed project and then aim for the quality project for years. It has won 695 awards at national and ministerial level, such as National Luban Prize, National Customer Satisfactory Project, China AAA Customer Satisfactory Project.

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